12 April 2011

Basket Notes + Dropbox = FTMW

In case you were wondering, FTMW = For The MEGA Win!

I must say, I actually haven't worked with an app this awesome on Linux in a while! BasKet is really amazing and if you're running KDE, you absolutely must give it a shot.

What makes it even more awesome though, is the way it stores data. Unlike many other applications, the schema and content is stored centrally, similar to "containers" or profiles commonly used in Mozilla projects. This means it's easy to sync even if there isn't a built-in sync tool.

And how do we accomplish that sync?

With another fantastic offering called Dropbox!

Many of you would know Dropbox by now. It's effectively an internet storage service giving you your first 2GB free! Now that might not sound like much, but if you're using it for work files and documents, it's actually plenty. Of course you could pay for a little extra if you really need it!

... but there's something else that makes Dropbox fantastic and that's its daemon. It's lightening fast and if you've worked with an NFS mount before, it's obvious why this will work for us.

Simply put, the Dropbox daemon synchronises your network storage so quickly you will probably not even notice it. It also integrates intuitively with your native file system on every client. This means all we need to do is point the BasKet "profile" at one central location (i.e. the specific folder in Dropbox) and BOOM! All work synchronised.

For those of you that work on multiple machines like I do, this is absolutely fantastic and I'm definitely going to be donating to the BasKet dev team for their amazing work. If you like what they do, do it too! They deserve it!

More info can be found at KDE-Apps.

If you're looking for a great package of Dropbox for KDE, check out KFileBox.
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